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and she has returned.

I bring thee the first installment of the party in the first part of my These Are Hot Babes collection. I'll think of a better title when I'm not so swamped with actually making the icons. Capice? Glad we understand each other. Comments rock my world. Seriously. They rock my world like ... André the Giant's rocking chair.

Note Please, please excuse the near flooding of icon communities. I had to pimp this post everywhere all at once, or else my system gets out of whack. I'm sure y'all understand.

[+07] Cate Blanchett
[+03] Catherine Bell
[+04] Christina Aguilera
[+10] Courteney Cox
[+07] Debra Messing
[+06] Felicity Huffman
[+05] Lauren Graham
[+04] Julianne Moore
[+07] Marcia Cross
[+06] Michelle Pfeiffer

And as a bonus...
[+05] GG Award Winners
[+02] Adoptable Header/Icon Themes


01. spectrum // endless colours of the rainbow
02. see above
03. see above
04. see above
05. hungry eyes // right now, i would take caffeine over food. hell, over oxygen. gah. so. deprived.
06. devour
07. no text (i was so mad that i couldn't find exactly the right effects to use here. sigh. the base is so pretty.)

08. CB
09. catherine bell
10. no text dedicated to jennijube

11. christina // i like the way you brush your hair, and i like those stylish clothes you wear dedicated to obsess
12. xtina // lyrics from a song (bang by eve 6)
13. fragile
14. behind blue eyes // all because of you

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15. cece // some crazy text from some song i was listening to :p
16. toxic // lyrics from a song (toxic by britney)
17. shine your light now // push the button, don't push the button, trip the station, change the channel (from hollywood by madonna)
18. like a prayer // it's like a dream to me (from like a prayer by madonna)
19. cca
20. lifelike
21. scrunch!
22. the obvious is hard to see
23. killer lena
24. you heard the woman.

25. graceface // "nice neck brace, lucy." &willtruman;
26. elusive butterfly // and i love to watch you fly, flutter by
27. see above
28. the ghost in you
29. when the lady smiles
30. see above
31. see above

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32. bubblegum pink // i love your every color, i love your everything (your every color by train)
33. see above
34. red hot
35. see above
36. flickinky (i'm so clever.)

37. porcelain
38. love // lyrics from a song (i believe in a thing called love by the darkness)
39. bedroom eyes // cate & julianne
40. no text

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41. lauren // this woman is the reason i cry at night
42. keep pretending the sun will not rise (ocean avenue by yellowcard)
43. with a body like that, i'd crave me too
44. jewel // lyrics from a song (walk like an egyptian by the bangles)
45. damn it alexis do you realize whose arms you’re in?!
46. no text

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47. cosy in the rocket // lyrics from a song (cosy in the rocket by psapp)
48. my joy // lyrics from a song (you are my joy by reindeer section)
49. you are my joy // lyrics from a song (you are my joy by reindeer section)
50. see above dedicated to luminary
51. lady cross
52. va va va voom
53. no text

54. lifelines
55. michelle // even animated she's still hot!
56. take a hike // with a bod like that, who wouldn't want to pick her up?
57. no text
58. the face // i don't really know why she's the face, but she is. she's the face. deal with it.
59. michelle pfeiffer // equals infinitely cooler than you. she has sunglasses.

[visit my awards page for more details]
60. sparks // rory and jess - love they never thought they'd know 1st place
61. love in bloom // lyrics from a song (children in bloom by counting crows) 3rd place
62. lucky 13 // lyrics from a song (luck be a lady by frank sinatra) 2nd place
63. fragile // lyrics from a song (bring me to life by evanescence) 3rd place
64. we remember // lyrics from a song (graduation by vitamin c) 1st place


Featuring: Courteney Cox [matching userpic here]
Best Used With: Generator, Opal, Boxer

Featuring: Michelle Pfeiffer [matching userpic here]
Best Used With: Opal, Boxer, Component

And that's the game! Comment, credit and enjoy, people. I love you all.

Monnie xx
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