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Marcia Cross Moodtheme.

Hey everyone. No icons today, but I bring a moodtheme! 'A moodtheme of what?', you ask. Huh, it's me. What do you think? Yep, that's correct:

Full Preview | Download


1. Download the zip file, unzip the contents and expand it. There should be a folder entitled Images and a text file entitled commandlist.txt.
2. Upload all the moods in the Images folder to a server that allows you to access pictures remotely (Photobucket is a good example of a free server that let's you do this). Take note of the URL to the folder your images are stored in.
3. Go to the Livejournal Admin Console and enter the following into the text box; moodtheme_create "Marcia Cross" "Marcia Cross" (you can change 'Marcia Cross' to whatever you want, as long as the rest stays intact). Press the 'Execute' button and you should be provided with a six digit number. Make sure to copy this number down somewhere.
4. Open the commandlist.txt file into a text editing program and find and replace 'XXXXXX' with your unique six digit number. Then do the same with '', changing it to the url that contains your mood icons.
5. Copy and paste your modified text file into the Admin Console and again press 'Execute'.
6. Your new moodtheme should now be available for you to use! Simply go to your 'Mood Theme Editor' page (available from your Manage Accounts page), spot your new moodtheme from the list and click on 'Use'. Voila!

Images Credits

- Desperate Housewives caps courtesy of myself, Desperate Fans, and Marcia Cross Fan.
- Melrose Place, All She Ever Wanted, and Dancing in September caps courtesy of chargrey.
- Everwood caps courtesy of Marcia Cross Fan.
- Ally McBeal and CSI caps courtesy of myself.

Please remember to comment and credit luminary somewhere in your userinfo or credits page if using. Thanks, and enjoy! :)
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Oh wow i love his mood theme!! i dont have a paid account though =(
I love it too, but alas, no paid account.
I LOVE ur icon. *giggles*
SO AWESOME!!! Thank you so much for this. I am going to use it on my journal at GJ. I'll make sure to credit you though.
omg...its sooo pretty..i really really need my paid account back now lol.I saved it for when i do and will credit if used.Thanx!!
downloaded, thanks :) will credit in my userinfo when I use it :)
Downloaded, will credit when I use it! Thanks much!!
Lovely! I grabbed it and will credit when used. :)
I don't have a paid account, but I still got so much hyperness from looking at those.
ohmygosh that is fabulous! iam so impressed! dont have a paid account though :(
Really great job!
Awesome.I'll credit if I use it.
Great mood theme! Used and credit given. :o)

Yay for Marcia! Taking, will credit when using.
This is sooooo great. Using and crediting, thank you! <3
I want to scream and jump up and down. I love this theme ever so much. You did a great job, Sarah. And thanks for crediting me, I feel all loved inside. Thanks again, for the great work.
This will undoubtedly make my friend's day.
I'm saving it in case I have a paid account in the future! Thanks :)


August 8 2005, 02:03:28 UTC 11 years ago

love it, will credit if and when used. thanks!
YAAAY!! Teh mood theme has arrived! I'd been patiently wondering when it'd be ready ;) Okay, now to attempt to install it *goes cross-eyed*
Great mood theme. Snagging and will credit when I use.

I was also wondering if you wanted to affiliate with 8ball_graphix?
Fantastic... have installed, am using, and have credited you. Cheers!
I plan to install this as soon as possible!

Best. Moodtheme. EVER!
Ooh I just came across this! I've taken it and shall credit in my userinfo! :D
Downloading!!! Thanks so much!
thanks a lot!
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