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mmmm, fandom. [entries|friends|calendar]
Monnie & Sarah

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[Jul 10th, 2006]

Hey everyone! This is just a reminder in case you're not on my friends list, that I'll be changing journals effective... um... yesterday. I've already made 4 or 5 icon posts already there of new material. I believe luminary will still be using this journal unless she states otherwise, but I'll be posting all my icons from now on in a new community. If you would, check out geekfancy and friend/watch if you'd like to continue viewing and sharing my work with me!

Thank you to everyone for all your support, through all my trial and error as an up-and-coming iconist. Take care, and I hope to see you at geekfancy!

Monnie xx

Marcia Cross/Little Britain/Parker Posey x32 [Jan 22nd, 2006]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Wow. Two icon posts in less than a week? Go me! I had a major burst of creativity last night. That's um... very rare where I'm concerned.

[+15]Marcia Cross
[+15]Little Britain
[+02]Parker Posey

Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket Image hosting by Photobucket

tonight i'm tangled in my blanket of clouds.Collapse )

Please remember to credit luminary if taking and save to your own server, blah blah whatevercakes. Comment if you wish!

28 | cmnt

39 DH/Marcia Cross related icons. [Jan 16th, 2006]

[ mood | ditzy ]

So... Hi. It's been ages since I've posted icons, and this isn't even a proper post really. I'm just posting some junk I've had cluttering up my HD. I thought that maybe there'd be some people that are interested. Extremely simple, (mainly) textless icons, most old, some slightly newer. Nothing that exciting or even very good. ;)

[+22]Desperate Housewives S1 (Bree)
[+06]DH bloopers from s1 DVD
[+08]Melrose Place
[+03]Random Marcia Cross

He's good, I've had him.Collapse )

Textless icons are not bases. Also, please remember to credit luminary (that's three underscores) if taking and save to your own server. Comments are also very welcome, and much appreciated. *wibble*

30 | cmnt

merry christukkah! [Dec 23rd, 2005]

[ mood | devious ]

Here are some icons as my gift to you all. These Are Hot Babes, part three.

[+06] Courteney Cox
[+11] Gillian Anderson
[+05] Jodie Foster
[+07] Lauren Graham
[+03] Megan Mullally
[+05] Sara Rue


omfghotness part 3.Collapse )

Comment, credit, and enjoy. Happy holidays! Gilmore Girls and The X-Files (my latest obsession), coming up next!

8 | cmnt

oh my cha-cha! [Aug 26th, 2005]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Told you a big batch was coming. Well, it has arrived. Bearing Queerbait™. Yes, a total of 99 Will & Grace icons, all from season one. I thought 100 would be a bit much. Hee. Besides, 99 sounds cooler.

[+99] Will & Grace


zum-fun-yung-gi-hung-so-lo...Collapse )

All screencaps taken by me, also. Comments are my crack.

74 | cmnt

the second installment. [Aug 20th, 2005]

[ mood | energetic ]

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the sequel to my These Are Hot Babes collection.

[+08] Alexis Bledel
[+05] Amanda Peet
[+06] Angelina Jolie
[+06] Jennifer Connelly
[+20] Courteney Cox
[+13] Eva Longoria
[+10] Lauren Graham


omfghotness part 2.Collapse )

And there you have it, folks. The beauteous babes. I'll have a third installment coming after my next big batch, which will be all Will and Grace icons. Comment, credit, and enjoy!

Indoor plumbing. It's gonna be big.

18 | cmnt

Marcia Cross Moodtheme. [Aug 5th, 2005]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Hey everyone. No icons today, but I bring a moodtheme! 'A moodtheme of what?', you ask. Huh, it's me. What do you think? Yep, that's correct:

Full Preview | Download

installation instructions and image creditsCollapse )

Please remember to comment and credit luminary somewhere in your userinfo or credits page if using. Thanks, and enjoy! :)
27 | cmnt

A tribute to redheads. [Jul 13th, 2005]

Oh my Gawd, I actually am still alive! I had a sudden burst of creativity last night, and made a batch of 28 icons with one common theme; the deliciousness that is a beautiful redhead. Yup, these are my picks for who I deem to be the 4 hottest redheads in Hollywood at this moment... celebrated in little 100x100 squares of goodness. They're mostly all textless FYI (except for tiny text). It seems my creativity didn't stretch that far.

[+8]Debra Messing
[+4]Gillian Anderson
[+4]Julianne Moore
[+8]Marcia Cross
[+4]Redhead quotes

mmmmm... redhead!loveCollapse )

Please remember to credit luminary (that's three underscores) if taking, save to your own server, and comment. Because comments make me feel squishy inside.
65 | cmnt

and she has returned. [Jun 18th, 2005]

I bring thee the first installment of the party in the first part of my These Are Hot Babes collection. I'll think of a better title when I'm not so swamped with actually making the icons. Capice? Glad we understand each other. Comments rock my world. Seriously. They rock my world like ... André the Giant's rocking chair.

Note Please, please excuse the near flooding of icon communities. I had to pimp this post everywhere all at once, or else my system gets out of whack. I'm sure y'all understand.

[+07] Cate Blanchett
[+03] Catherine Bell
[+04] Christina Aguilera
[+10] Courteney Cox
[+07] Debra Messing
[+06] Felicity Huffman
[+05] Lauren Graham
[+04] Julianne Moore
[+07] Marcia Cross
[+06] Michelle Pfeiffer

And as a bonus...
[+05] GG Award Winners
[+02] Adoptable Header/Icon Themes


on to the first installment!Collapse )

And that's the game! Comment, credit and enjoy, people. I love you all.

Monnie xx
38 | cmnt

OMGWTFBBQICONS. [May 28th, 2005]

[ mood | bored ]

I know what you're thinking. "She's never posted here, has she?" But mark my words, folks, I have. Coming to you live from Honolulu Kentucky Montana America... GILMORE GIRLS ICONS BY pseudofancy!

[+06] Lorelai
[+02] Lorelai/Rory
[+01] Lorelai/Max
[+02] Lorelai/Emily
[+03] Luke/Lorelai
[+01] Luke
[+02] Lorelai/Dean

[+17] Total


and on to the hotness!Collapse )

Guess what you have to do? Comment, credit, and enjoy. Yuhuh. pseudofancy or courvidcandy. Take your pick.

&HEART; Monnie

Crossposted to gg_icons and gilmore_squares.

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